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Lung cancer is a horrible disease, especially when it attacks a non-smoker.  Lung cancer in non-smoking women is increasing at an alarming rate. More Americans die each year from lung cancer than from breast, prostate, and colorectal cancers combined according to studies by The American Cancer Society.  Last year approximately 175,000 new cases of lung cancer were diagnosed and an estimated 165,000 Americans died from lung cancer. This total accounts for approximately 30% of all cancer deaths. Unlike many diseases, lung cancer does not have a spokes person in the public lime light - no one usually lives long enough or is strong enough once they have been diagnosed to lead the charge.  Dana Reeves is a recent case of a non-smoking woman who died only a few months after being diagnosed. Lung cancer is considered a dirty disease since it is assumed to be caused by smoking. There is not lots of compassion in this world for a smoker who gets and dies from lung cancer. Although a large percentage of those diagnosed with lung cancer are smokers, an increasing percentage are not smokers including my wife Diana Grace , who is the inspiration and main subject of this web site.
Diary of a Cancer CaregiverDiary of a Cancer Caregiver
The Diary Of A Cancer Caregiver is a collection of emails that were written and sent to family and friends during the course of my wife's - Diana Grace - 2 1/2 year battle with lung cancer.  New emails were written when significant events took place - sometimes every few days and other times 2 - 3 weeks apart. The emails were written in real time and have been edited for clarity. I have also added other information about emotion and events that were occurring at the time of the emails but it was not appropriate to include them in the emails at that time. After Diana's death on April 7, 2007, additional diary entries were written by me, the husband and caregiver. These latest email diary entries were not previously distributed.  All of the emails reflect the stigma, emotion and thought processes that the Cancer Caregiver went through and is continuing to go through. The emails were written from the perspective of the caregiver and do not necessarily reflect the emotions of the cancer patient, my wife, Diana Grace. read more
Diana's Vision FoundationDiana Foundation
Diana Grace Lung Cancer Foundation has been formed with two goals. Help raise funds to support research to eliminate lung cancer especially from non smoking women.  Secondly - raise funds for college scholarship that will be awarded to young female golfers whose families have been affected with this deadly disease.  Diana loved golf and we are fulfilling her wish to assist young women whose lives have been shaken by this disease. read more
Caregiver BLOGBlog
When my wife was diagnosed with lung cancer in December 2004 and died from the disease 2 1/2 years later - I was alone in the world. Cancer was a six letter word that happened to others.  It took me a long time to collect information and find resources to assist, answer questions or just be a sounding board.  Even though my wife has now passed away, I am still receiving information that I feel will assist others.  I plan to share that information through this weekly blog. read more
Cancer Information Articles
Lung cancer has greatly affected my life. Assisting others in a similar situation as a cancer caregiver is my charter.  We have assembled a continuing source of information and resources regarding cancer which we want to provide and share with others. Information will be continuously be added.  Along with the blog, we hope this information will assist patients and care-givers as they walk down this long rocky road path. read more