The Diary Of A Cancer Caregiver is a collection of emails that were written and sent to family and friends during the course of my wife’s – Diana Grace – 2 1/2 year battle with lung cancer. New emails were written when significant events took place – sometimes every few days and other times 2 – 3 weeks apart. The emails were written in real time and have been edited for clarity since her death. I have also added other information, emotional and events that were occurring at the time of the emails but it was not appropriate to include them in the emails at the time the email was written. After Diana’s death on April 7, 2007, additional diary entries were written by me, the husband and caregiver. These latest email diary entries were not previously distributed. All of the emails reflect the stigma, emotion and thought processes that the Cancer Caregiver went through and is continuing to go through. The emails were written from the perspective of the caregiver and do not necessarily reflect the emotions of the cancer patient, my wife, Diana Grace. The edited emails have been published in this book.

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