Cancer Information

Where To Find Reliable Cancer Information

The number of web sites offering cancer related information increases every day. Many web sites provide valuable information while others may have information that is unreliable or misleading.  Be careful in your search of cancer information using the internet.  Listed below are several very reliable web sites for cancer related information.

Medline Plus
This web site has a superb medical encyclopedia including pictures and diagrams.  It also has an excellent dictionary for spellingof medical words and their definitions. There is an great search capability for finding doctors, dentists and hospitals in any geographic area.

National Cancer Institute
This web site has a great list of all cancers from A to Z. Most of the NCI publications are available for viewing in pdf form or downloading. There is an excellent database of clinical trials for review.  Their cancer news section is very current and up to date.

People Living With Cancer

This web site has a great listing of guides to various types of cancer and an outstanding area on survivorship.  Their library is very extensive and contains many illustrations.  Its news and events section is very current and up to date.

American Cancer Society
Extensive information regarding all types of cancer especially clinical trials. A very good news about cancer section.  This web site has lots of information but is somewhat complicated to navigate.

The Survivor Network
This web site supplies cancer information, resources, chat room, stories and discussion areas to share among cancer survivors.

The American Institute For Cancer Research
This is an outstanding web site for nutrition and dietary information related to cancer.  All nutrition and dietary information provided is based on scientific research.

Pub Med
Pub Med is a service of the US National Library of Medicine that includes over 17 million citations from MEDLINK and other science journals for original biomedical articles. You enter your search criteria and you receive a list of applicable articles.  You can view the summaries of the articles which is often sufficient.  However, to receive the entire journal article, you must be a subscriber to the service.  Most medical libraries are subscribers and can provide the info to you for free.