February 11, 2005

It took Diana two weeks to recover from her first chemo treatment. We had a week of normal activity and now it is time to go for her second treatment. Diana was very fatigued and spent the two weeks in bed. Diana rested most of the third week and did not go to work. I jumped in and am now running her Company on a temporary basis. I came home for lunch each day. The office is only five minutes from our house, so it is very convenient. On Saturday, Diana and I went out and did some errands – bank, cleaners, etc – and stopped for lunch out. Quite a treat.

We drove to Houston on Monday afternoon. Diana had her blood test and chest x-ray on Tuesday. On Wednesday we met with Dr. Blumenschein only to find out that Diana’s white blood cell count was too low to receive her second chemo treatment. So Diana received a booster shot instead and we headed back to Frisco on Wednesday.

Diana’s second chemo treatment would be delayed for a week which meant we would be coming back to MD Anderson next week again. In one way it was good – it is going to give Diana another week to recover and get stronger. Another week without being sick. Although we were disappointed in not getting her chemo treatment, the bonus of another good week was well received by us both.

We are starting to know this highway – Interstate 45 – and where to stop. We have found a Starbucks and Waffle House that are convenient rest stops during the trip. There are a bunch of little towns that we haven’t stopped at yet, but I am sure we will have the opportunity in the future. We had a nice quiet ride home – no worry about getting sick this time – however, I was prepared and had the car loaded with supplies in the trunk. Not needed.